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Hi, I'm Buffi, this page is my Show Career Journal

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Buffi's Champion Show Wins Summary







Clinton Iowa Kennel Club, DeWitt, IA

Mrs Julie Felten




Tri City Kennel Club, Amana, IA

Ms Elizabeth Muthard







I took Winners and Best of Opposite!


I took Winners and Best of Opposite!


Scott County Kennel Club, Rock Island, IL, Saturday-Sunday May 13-14, 2017

Mom told us that she wanted a nice ribbon for Motherís Day. I so wanted to get it for her but Griz won! I was really happy for him since it was his birthday. Happy Birthday Griz! Saturday I took Winners Girl by default, I was the only girl at the show. I went back in for Best of Breed and I just wanted to get in front of Griz. I worked hard to get in front of him but Mom held me back. I dug in harder but she still held me back. I knew if I got in front of him that I would win! Mom told me after we showed and Griz had won, thatís not how it works. It appeared that I just wanted to play and the Judge has to tell me to go in front of Griz. Mom also told me that on Sunday, I canít do that. So Sunday I did better but Griz still won! Iím going to beat him for sure next time!

Northeast Oklahoma Kennel Club and Bartlesville Kennel Club, Grove, OK, Thursday-Sunday April 13-16, 2017

Iím just having a very difficult time. I canít seem to get any love from the judges and Mom and I are very discouraged.  Dad told us to keep on trying. My hair is getting better from after going through coat change and I still get a little scared for men judges. I just canít seem to shake my experience in Amana last year. Mom keeps working with me and Iím getting better. She is determined to get my Champion Title. Better luck next time!

Clinton Iowa Kennel Club, DeWitt, IA, Saturday-Sunday March 25-26, 2017

I donít know what the judges donít like about me! I got dumped both days this weekend. Dad watched me and Mom and said that I look good. Mom is starting to get really upset. She told me to get ready, we are going to kick but in our next show! Letís go get em Mom!

Cyclone Country Kennel Club, Des Moines, IA, Saturday-Sunday February 18-19, 2017

I didnít have a very good weekend! Saturdayís judge just didnít like my type. He did like Griz though which was good. Sundayís judge, well, Iíll just say on to the next show!

Central Iowa Kennel Club, Des Moines, IA, Saturday-Sunday January 21-22, 2017

I got really worried in the ring today. I took one look at that judge as I turned the corner for my first go around. I remembered that time in Amana last fall when the judge made that noise and scared me and Mom. Mom tells me that it was a dog ringside and it wasnít the judge. She told me that this judge is really nice.  Iím not sure about that! I had my eye on him all the time around the ring. I was ready for that scream that he was thinking about making. I just know he was thinking about making that scream so I kept my eye on him so I could be ready and protect my Mom! He did take extra time on the table and on my down and back. He tried to convince me that he was nice and wouldnít hurt me. Iím not so sure about that!

Sunday Iím not sure whathappened. I didnít get a warm fuzzy with this judge and I was right. I donít think she liked me or my Mom and Dad. They werenít very happy at all and said something about she dumped us! Mom said something about her Ďlistí. Oh well, on to the next show for some more fun and games!

Council Bluffs Kennel Club, Council Bluffs, IA, Saturday-Sunday November 26-27, 2016

OK, I just canít beat Fudge! Wow, she is hot and we called her Hot Fudge! I got 2nd in my class both days and on Saturday I got Reserve. Which it was a 3 point major so thatís not so bad. Congratulations to Fudge and her Mom, she is a New Champion now.

West Michigan Harvest Cluster, Pontiac Kennel Club-Greater Muskegon Kennel Club-Kalamazoo Kennel Club-Grand Rapids Kennel Club, Kalamazoo, MI, Thursday-Sunday November 10-13, 2016

Ok I think I have it together now. I showed on Thursday and I was happy again. Mom was so proud of me. All she was concerned about was to get me around the ring and keep me happy and focused and she did, I won my class! On Friday she kept me happy but on my down and back I hopped and didnít walk. The judge wasnít too happy with me; I got second in my class. Mom and Dad worked on my walking with me and we decided that Mom needs to walk me faster. So on Saturday she did and I was happy I even did my happy spins. The judge liked it but not enough to give a win. Sunday I walked and showed the best even though there was a scary man behind me. He bumped me when we walked into the ring. Mom took care of it! He backed off and left me alone after he saw Momís Ďlookí, he he. Mom told me to stay focused and helped me shake it off. Thanks Mom!

Sioux Empire Kennel Club, Sioux Falls, SD, Friday-Sunday October 28-30, 2016

Ok this building reminded me of the Amana Show when I heard that terrible scream that I know the judge made to scare me. Mom keeps telling me that the judge didnít do it but it was a dog crated ring side. I donít believe her. Every time I go around a corner in the ring I look back at the judge with a donít do it look. Iím so afraid that the judge will make that sound and scare me. I was so upset this weekend that Mom and Dad pulled me on Sunday took me home. Mom said that we need to work on my self confidence so that I can get past this. She said that she would help me. OK Mom, but I still think that judge was missing with me!

Mason City Kennel Club, Mason City, IA, Saturday-Sunday October 15-16, 2016

What does a gal have to do to get some love! Well Iím not sure. I showed beautiful and Mom was proud of me. She did tell me that I need to just walk more instead of hopping. I like to take a step or two and the jump. I get so excited and I just love to show. When Mom took me off the table I did my spins I was so excited and ready to show the judge what I have! Unfortunately the judge didnít like my stuff so much. Maybe next time, sigh!

Greater Lafayette Kennel Club, Lebanon, IN, Saturday-Sunday September 17-19, 2016

Well we had a fun weekend at the show. It was a long drive but worth it for my Cousin Cory. She took Winners both day and Best of Breed on Sunday over some very nice specials. I took Reserve both days to her but I wasnít upset. Disappointed yes but happy for my Cousin Cory! We showed against some very nice Havanese and it was quite an honor to take reserve both days.  I will get my points soon but Iím still warming up for the big wins! He he!

Des Moines Kennel Club, Des Moines, IA, Sunday September 11, 2016

Mom was very proud of me today. I was afraid of the lady behind me and the Judge. I put the brakes on in the first corner and Mom told me remember, itís ok, letís go this way. I said OK and I showed my best! I won my class but I didnít win anything else. The Judge didnít like me that well or maybe it was the handlers that she liked better. Oh well, always the next show!

I took Winners and Best of Opposite!

Tri City Kennel Club, Cedar Rapids Kennel Association, Amana, IA, Friday - Monday September 2 - 5, 2016

Well my weekend started out really good. Friday I took Winner Gal and Best of Opposite for 1 point. YEA! I thought I was off to good start. Well, I wasnít. The next day the judge just didnít like me. The next two days didnít get any better. Sunday on my first corner I heard a really big scream. I thought the Judge did it. He was walking behind me and I was afraid of him. Anybody that would scream like that needs to be watched and that is just what I did. Mom wasnít too scared but I was watching him for both of us. On Sunday I watched the judge again. I was making sure that he didnít let out a big scream or maybe he was the quiet type. Attack with no notice! Mom wasnít too happy with me and we had a really long talk. She told me that it wasnít the judge that made that scream it was two dogs crated ring side that did it. Iím not sure if I believe her!

Capital City Classic, Mo-Kan Toy Dog Club, Greater Emporia Kennel Club, Jesse James Kennel Club, Topeka, KS Thursday -  Monday August 18 Ė 22, 2016

I came out with a really good start. Thursday I took Reserve Winners gal with a really big and beautiful entry. Mom and I had hope for the weekend and there was a major win each day. Well Things went downhill really fast. I didnít beat anybody the rest of the weekend. UGH! What does a girl have to do to get some love in the show ring!

Waterloo Kennel Club, Waterloo, IA, Sunday June 26, 2016

I had a really good time today! It was warm but not too bad. I showed really good and smiled the whole time. I enjoyed making my Mom proud of me. I really liked today judge. She was really nice and she was happy too. I go Reserve Winners Gal to my Cousin Cory. Congratulations to Cory but I think Cory is becoming my rival! Hum! Well I guess if I have to lose I would prefer to lose to family. LOOK OUT CORY, MY DAY IS COMING!! He He!

Fort Dodge Kennel Club, Fort Dodge, IA, Saturday-Sunday June 18-19, 2016

This weekend was just as bad as the last one! No love for the KandL Kidz this weekend. It was like little girls with big boys in the ring and guess who got the Judgeís love, yep the big boys! Mom said that I showed extremely well and on Saturday Dad showed me. That was fun. I like my Dad! Mom told me that we just need to find the Judges that respect a good breeding such as me and Cory!

North Star Toy Dog Club and Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club, Jordan, MN, Friday-Sunday June 10-12, 2016

Wow talk about a bad time! I got dumped every time in walked into the ring. Charles and Cory had the same treatment. Then only one of that got any love this weekend was Cory and she got Reserve Winners Gal on Sunday. It was so hot and just a bad time!

West Michigan Apple Blossom Cluster, Kalamazoo, MI, Thursday-Monday May 26-30, 2016

Wow what a busy weekend! I showed beautifully or Mom said I did. I got dumped most of the days except for Friday and I got Reserve Winners Girl. Mom said that I deserved better from the judges than what I got. I did get confused sometimes though. Mom was telling me to stand and holding a piece of hotdog in front of my nose. I didnít know what she wanted because she wouldnít give it to me so I did my sit, down, stand routine hoping one of them would get me that hotdog! It didnít work. Mom said that I have to stand still like a little statue when the judge is look at me and when the judges looks away then I can have the hotdog. She said we would work on it at home before my next show. I hope I get what she wants me to do because I really want that hotdog!


Heart of Iowa Kennel Club, Marshalltown, IA, Saturday-Sunday April 30-May 1, 2016

Talk about feeling like the step child! I didnít win anything and when I came out of the ring after showing Mom tossed me aside to Dad and took Charles in the ring! I pouted on Saturday! I was upset and jealous. Mom held me when she was finished showing Charles and loved me. She told me that she has to hurry and get Charles back in the ring. The judges donít like you holding up the judging. Well ok, I guess I can live with that. I was so proud of my cousin Cory. She is from the Naughty or Nice 2 litter. She had her coming out as a show girl and wow! She won Best of Opposite on Saturday and took Best of Breed on Sunday over two specials one of which was Charles. What a weekend this little girl had and it was her first show weekend! I guess if I have to lose then Iím ok with losing to family.


My Reserve Ribbons!!

Wichita Kennel Club, Park City, KS, Monday April 11, 2016

Hi guys

I rocked it today! I got reserve winners gal to a 3 point major! I showed my little Hapi heart out. I wanted that major so bad but I lost to a lovely little gal. Mom didn't help anybody today so I didn't have to share my chicken with anybody. I told Mom to save a piece of it for Hapi and Rozy who stayed in the RV today because it is raining. But, not my hot dog! The hot dog is all mine! It's been a long weekend and I am ready to go home and see my Dad and the rest of the pack.

Buffi, KandL's Pretty Head of Buffalo Hapi Trail, that's my name.

I'm a show gal!!

Wichita Kennel Club, Park City, KS, Sunday April 10, 2016

Well today I moved up in the world. I got second place in the bred by class. I showed very well and I had fun! I got to go back in for reserve but I didn't get it. After I showed Mom hurried and put me in my crate. She then showed the winners girl Cassie for a good friend. I watched through the peak hole in the corner of my crate. I wasn't too happy about that. She was getting my chicken and she loved it! Well I guess since she is a new champion I can share my chicken with her but NOT my hot dog! I have to draw the line somewhere. Congratulations Cassie and all the winners today. Gotta go Mom is pulling out my hot dog bits for me!

Salina Kennel Club, Park City, KS, Saturday April 9, 2016

Well back having no resepect! I got 3rd in my class today. The same as being dumped!

Hutchinson Kennel Club, Park City, KS, Friday April 8, 2016

Hi friends and family,

Here is a picture of me waiting to show today. I got second place in my bred by class. I had so much fun! It was a beautiful line up of Havanese today. My Uncle Sonny and Aunt Sondra came to see me. They are in the picture with me. They fell in love with me but of course that's easy to do! Loved seeing them today. Thank you for coming out. Hopefully I will do better tomorrow as we have a major win on the line for the beautiful winner.

I'm a show gal!!

Kansas Toy Dog Club, Park City, KS, Thursday April 7, 2016

Ok what does a gal have to do to get some respect! I got dumped today and didnít even get out of my class. Mom was a little off today because she was tired from the drive since Dad didnít come with us and she is not used to showing a brushed coat. Well maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

I took Breed!!

Clinton Iowa Kennel Club, De Witt, IA, Saturday March 26, 2016

I got a major upset today! Oh ya, I took out my old man Charles! He he! Mom showed me in the regular classes and I was the only girl at the show so I took Winners. Dad took me back in for the breed win and Charles was a little cocky thinking he had it wrapped up. I gaited like rock star and showed my heart out. I wanted to beat him so bad and I did. I got Breed. Mom was shocked and Dad and I just laughed. He he! Charles pouted. The judge said that she like me better because I was small like a toy breed and rocked my gait. I got my first point!

My First Show!!

Cyclone Country Kennel Club, Des Moines, IA, Saturday February 20, 2016

I had my first real show. This dog show stuff is ruff! I performed very well and I only got confused once. I stood and stayed like Mom told me too but I didnít get the treat. Seemed like it took forever for Mom to decide to reward me so I thought well maybe she wants me to do a Ďdowní? I did a Ďdowní and Mom quickly said oh no! STAND, the judge is look at you. So I stood up and stayed there until Mom told me to Ďgood girlí. I then got some hot dog. I really enjoyed showing, it was fun. On the way out of the ring the Judge stopped Mom and told her that I am a really cute and nice puppy. I got a ribbon but I asked Mom if that was the consolation prize? She said NO!

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